Expansion Plans: Hive Worlds

After thinking on it a bit I’ve made a plan for what I want to focus on with the next expansion. I’ve decided to do a splatbook focusing on running Hive World campaigns, which will also act as a bit of a gear expansion.

Largely the content in here is based on stuff from Necromunda, but rather than provide Necromunda specific content I figured this would be a good opportunity to generically provide guidance on hive city campaigns. So a bit of a “Necromunda with the serial numbers filed off” approach.

See the below image for an outline of what I plan to include!

Published by Ross

Designer of the Dark Heresy hack for Genesys. Pretty cool dude.

5 thoughts on “Expansion Plans: Hive Worlds

  1. I can’t wait. I have been using your creations quite often, in campaigns both in and out of warhammer 40k, as the stats make it easy to convert “similar” weapons in other settings. I have just recently went through the chambers militant again, as I plan to start introducing genetically modified soldiers into a campaign coming up soon. I can’t wait to give the Hive World side of things a try, as I am running a campaign where a group of acolytes are going down to the Underhive right now.

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  2. Necromunda (Underdark) can’t wait – been trying to RPG – Necromunda (skirmish tabletop war game) as my gang have been using the game to play out scenarios, this the outcomes adding into the campaign.
    Looked at FFS Warhammer RPGs but just too mechanical, for are narrative style. But this…
    Reviewed your Dark Heresy with Genesys, this would work for us.
    Look forward to your take on this..looking forward to more


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