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Hotfix Release: Core Book 3.3.1

Quick update to fix some small issues identified in the last update. Here’s the link: [LINK] The changelog is located here, but here’s an overview of the changes.

Release: Core Book 3.3

I’ve finished work on the latest update to the Dark Heresy for Genesys Core Rulebook, the 3.3 release. You can find it here; [LINK] The changelog is located here, but here’s an overview of the big changes. Some of these psychic power changes may seem drastic but I’ve been field testing them in my own campaign for a while and they’ve been working well. It’s still pretty hard…

Hive Worlds Preview

Hey all, long time no see! I’ve got a Hive Worlds preview for here, a pretty chunky one. I’ve dumped all the currently finished content into one PDF. It includes; Chapter I: Hiver Origins in its entirety. This is mostly the same as my last post, with the addition of the Gene-Forged Elite Advance (to represent Goliaths and other genetic freaks).Chapter II: Abhumans which is also finished. Contains…

Hive World Preview: Character Creation

Hey all, just dropping in to provide a little preview of the Hive World book. I’ve completed the first draft of the Character Creation chapter. This chapter details the following stuff; Hive World Origins: A set of new backgrounds to be used in place of Home World options from the Core Book. They include Hive Ganger, Indentured Worker, Mechanicus Enclave, Merchant Guilder, Midhiver, Ministorum Upbringing, Spire Outcast, Underhive…

Development Update – Jan 2022

Hey all! Thought I’d post a quick update of where I’m at with the Hive World book. Work has been very intense lately (I work in healthcare so it’s been a bit chaotic for the last little while) so I haven’t got as much done as I’d like, but I’ve been chipping away at the book and have a couple of little snippets of content to show off.…


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