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Hive Worlds Preview

Hey all, long time no see! I’ve got a Hive Worlds preview for here, a pretty chunky one. I’ve dumped all the currently finished content into one PDF. It includes; Chapter I: Hiver Origins in its entirety. This is mostly the same as my last post, with the addition of the Gene-Forged Elite Advance (to represent Goliaths and other genetic freaks). Chapter II: Abhumans which is also finished.Continue reading “Hive Worlds Preview”

Hive World Preview: Character Creation

Hey all, just dropping in to provide a little preview of the Hive World book. I’ve completed the first draft of the Character Creation chapter. This chapter details the following stuff; Hive World Origins: A set of new backgrounds to be used in place of Home World options from the Core Book. They include Hive Ganger, Indentured Worker, Mechanicus Enclave, Merchant Guilder, Midhiver, Ministorum Upbringing, Spire Outcast, UnderhiveContinue reading “Hive World Preview: Character Creation”

Expansion Plans: Hive Worlds

After thinking on it a bit I’ve made a plan for what I want to focus on with the next expansion. I’ve decided to do a splatbook focusing on running Hive World campaigns, which will also act as a bit of a gear expansion. Largely the content in here is based on stuff from Necromunda, but rather than provide Necromunda specific content I figured this would be aContinue reading “Expansion Plans: Hive Worlds”

Release: Chambers Militant (Beta)

Better late than never, right? Here’s the preliminary release of the Chambers Militant book, which contains rules for playing as Deathwatch Marines, Grey Knights, and Adepta Sororitas. [Mega Link][Google Drive Link] The reason I’m labelling this as a Beta is that it’s fairly likely the book has a number of design/balance issues. Space Marines really push at the edge of what you can reasonably represent as a GenesysContinue reading “Release: Chambers Militant (Beta)”


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