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Development Update ā€“ June 2021

Hi all! With the 3.2 release done, I thought it’d be good to post some thoughts about future releases, and where I’m at with stuff I’ve previously worked on. Firstly, Chambers Militant. Tonight I’ve been looking through it, and it’s pretty close to done! Content wise, it’s pretty much complete save for some final work on Faith Powers, which I think I might be able to get doneContinue reading “Development Update ā€“ June 2021”

Fan Content: Reference Sheets

Wanted to take a moment to share these really brilliant reference sheets made by A Ninja on the Genesys Discord. Based on the most recent release (3.2) of the corebook, these sheets seem like they’ll be really useful for all of you! Personal Combat Reference – A really useful reference sheet for running combat, has all the basic information you’d need for running most combat encounters. [LINK] PsychicContinue reading “Fan Content: Reference Sheets”

Release: Core Book 3.2

I’ve finished work on the latest update to the Dark Heresy for Genesys Core Rulebook, the 3.2 release. You can find it here; [LINK] The changelog is located here, but here’s an overview of the big changes. This update focused heavily on talents. The entire talents chapter has been reworked to be easier to read, with each tier starting on its own page. Many new talents have beenContinue reading “Release: Core Book 3.2”

Development Update – Feb 2021

It’s been a little bit quiet on here, so I thought it’d be worthwhile to give everyone an update on what I’ve been working on. Chambers Militant, the book covering playing as Adepta Sororitas, Deathwatch Marines and Grey Knights is about 90 percent done. I need to finish off Faith Powers and give the whole thing a big editing pass, and then it’s ready to release. You canContinue reading “Development Update – Feb 2021”

Emperor’s Sign Faith Powers

Hey all, not much to say here, just a quick preview of the Emperor’s Sign branch of Faith Powers, which are pretty much done. These are ported over quite directly from Dark Heresy 1e’s Blood of Martyrs expansion as I thought they fit in as talents pretty well, no need to over-complicate things. They always have a Story Point cost attached, but Sororitas characters can reduce the costContinue reading “Emperor’s Sign Faith Powers”


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