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This website is the home of Dark Heresy for Genesys, a conversion designed to let you run Inquisition-focused Warhammer 40,000 campaigns using Fantasy Flight Game’s Narrative Dice System. See below for links to all the currently released rulebooks, or check out the dev blog if you want to see the latest updates on stuff I’m working on.

It’s worth noting this content is not designed to function as an introduction to the Warhammer 40,000 universe. If you’re new to the setting, some of the stuff here might be a little confusing – I’d strongly encourage you to check out Fantasy Flight Game’s original Dark Heresy sourcebooks if you need a solid introduction to roleplaying in this setting.

If you want to contact me, you can find a form and my Discord details on the contact page. If for some strange reason you’ve got money burning a hole in your pocket and want to give some of it to me so I can justify spending a bit more of my free time on this thing, I’ve set up a Ko-Fi page for donations here.

Latest Dev Blog Post

Rulebooks and Expansions

Core Rulebook
3.3 Release

This book contains everything you’ll need to play Dark Heresy campaigns using the Genesys roleplaying system. Note that this is not a self-contained rulebook; you will need a copy of the Genesys Core Rulebook in order to use the content in this

[Download via Google Drive]
[Download via Mega.nz]

Imperial Armour
1.0 Release

Imperial Armour contains gameplay mechanics for land and air vehicles, something which isn’t covered in the core book. As well as providing profiles for 32 different vehicles with a big range of customisation options, this book also provides some altered vehicle rules to better reflect how vehicles operate in the 41st Millennium, including a universal system of vehicle traits which can be used to facilitate your own homebrew.

[Download via Google Drive]
[Download via Mega.nz]

Chambers Militant
Beta Release

Chambers Militant expands the scope of Dark Heresy, providing gameplay mechanics for playing as Deathwatch Space Marines, Grey Knights and Adepta Sororitas. It features detailed character creation mechanics for all of the above, along with a fully featured armoury, a new psychic discipline, and a suite of faith powers. This release is a beta and as such may have some balance issues, but should be fully featured and ready to use.

[Download via Google Drive]
[Download via Mega.nz]


Here’s some stuff you might find useful that hasn’t quite made its way into a full rulebook or expansion release yet. Generally speaking this stuff is not very well proofread, tested, or edited, so your mileage may vary! Most of this will end up in a full expansion release at some point, likely with alterations.

  • Adeptus Mechanicus Armoury – A work in progress attempt to port over most of the unique armaments of the Adeptus Mechanicus. So far only melee weapons are done. [Link]
  • Abhuman Rules – Rules for playing as Beastmen, Ogryn, Ratlings and Squats. In future I’ll likely add some abhuman specific talents and some unique gear for them. [Link]
  • Ordo Xenos Threat Briefing: Tau – This is actually done, but it’s from the first edition of this ruleset so it needs some updating mechanically and visually. Still, most of this should be perfectly usable. It contains rules for all the common gear of the Tau Empire including battlesuits, as well as NPC profiles for most Tau units. [Link]

Keen to find out what’s next? Check out the Dev Blog, I’ll be posting regular updates there on what new content I’m working on, including preview versions of new books!