Development Update – June 2021

Hi all! With the 3.2 release done, I thought it’d be good to post some thoughts about future releases, and where I’m at with stuff I’ve previously worked on.

Firstly, Chambers Militant. Tonight I’ve been looking through it, and it’s pretty close to done! Content wise, it’s pretty much complete save for some final work on Faith Powers, which I think I might be able to get done within the next week or so. I’ve got a lot of motivation to work on content at the moment so I think I will be able to get it out.

Chambers Militant is a pretty high power level splat, and it does a lot of stuff Genesys isn’t really designed to handle well, so I expect it might be an unbalanced mess! I don’t think it is, but I do think it’ll need some solid field testing. To that end, I’m probably going to call the initial release a beta (as much as that even matters for fan content), and I’ll be looking for some solid proofreading and design feedback. I figure it’s better to get the content out there considering how many people have been asking for it, and then I can always update things down the track.

Once Chambers Militant is done, I have a few book ideas. Here they are, vaguely sorted in order of how motivated I am to make them.

  • Necromunda – I want to make a book focusing on Necromunda, and games set in hives in general. Mostly, this is an excuse to adapt all the cool gear from Necromunda that never made it into the core book. But I’d also like to flesh out the idea of running campaigns set entirely in a hive. So I’d like to expand the archetype offerings beyond the basic hive world option in the core book, to offer a wider range of hiver backgrounds. This will include Abhumans, although I do already have rules for them anyway.
  • A monster manual of some sort – I’d like to expand the NPC offerings, especially with Chambers Militant increasing the need for high-level NPCs to deal with. I have two thoughts on how to handle this. Keen to hear what people would prefer!
    • One giant tome, covering all the different NPCs in the 40k setting. Likely something I’d update and expand on periodically. This has the advantage of being a really useful, solid GM resource. Would be a big undertaking and likely take a while, though.
    • Separate, faction-focused books like the Ordo Xenos Threat Briefing: Tau book I released ages ago. This has the benefit of being a lot more focused, and allowing room for adding gear and special rules too. Probably more of a managable scope too, but it does mean a more limited subset of NPCs released gradually.
  • Adeptus Mechanicus – I’d like to write a little gear expansion, covering all the weird armaments of the AdMech (both from 30k and 40k content), and expanding on rules for cybernetics a bit. Might also feature some elite advances for skitarii PCs.
  • Malus Codicium – I’ve talked about this plenty before. I want to make a book for more radically aligned PCs, focusing on chaotic stuff. Sorcery rules, daemon summoning and binding, daemonhosts, daemonic pacts, all that nasty stuff. Lots of horrid Chaos relics and gear, too. I’d likely provide a broader range of Daemon statistics in here too (basically everything in the Chaos Daemons codex), as they’d interact with the other gameplay systems in the book.

Keen to hear what people are interested in, or if people have ideas of their own they’d like to see me work on!

Published by Ross

Designer of the Dark Heresy hack for Genesys. Pretty cool dude.

4 thoughts on “Development Update – June 2021

  1. In regards to the monster manual, I think that the format you should you should use really depends on how much you want to pack in for each faction. If you’re just going to do purely NPC profiles and some guidance on their tactics/behavior (along the lines of Creatures Anathema or Enemies of the Imperium), I’d collect them in a single document with a chapter for each. However if you’re going to throw all that other stuff like vehicles, weapons, etc., as you did with the Tau splat, I’d suggest splitting each faction up into a single expansion to do them justice. The second approach would be more work overall due to more details, but I think it would be less overwhelming for you to take on due to the piecemeal approach. It would also mean that you would be able to put out smaller bits of content more frequently for feedback, rather than having to work on one massive new collection.

    Once you’ve done some of the factions, you can always just grab the NPC profiles and create a monster manual anyway.

    PS: If you go the separate expansion route, don’t forget to add one for more Imperials! Would be great to see NPC profiles for various civilians, Imperial Guard, and assorted inquisitorial affiliates, including various Inquisitor profiles akin to something like the inquisitor generation rules from FFG’s Star Wars.

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  2. Excellent work on what you’ve got so far. While I love Necromunda, I think a Monster Manual or Malus Codicium would have far wider appeal. I always fondly remember Inquisitor’s Handbook and Radical’s Handbook as being our first go-to expansions because they added so much stuff with wide appeal.

    Likewise, as a GM, I think a Monster Manual with both essential/generic profiles and esoteric enemies would be extremely welcome.

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  3. I loved the update! As I was already posting with you on the genesys forum, figured I might as well follow you on the official site as well for it. I look forward to the Monster Manual as that is incredibly welcome, I especially loved the abhuman and tau stats as they helped me design a few tabletop battles, and adapt them for Dark Heresy usage with Genesys. I am guessing you are going to be using Creatures Anathema, paired with the Enemies books (Beyond, Within, Without), to help create the Monster Manual, and I do look forward to seeing it. If you ever want access to any book you don’t currently, let me know, I have the whole collection, some in hard copy, but a lot of them ebooks.

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