Fan Content: Reference Sheets

Wanted to take a moment to share these really brilliant reference sheets made by A Ninja on the Genesys Discord. Based on the most recent release (3.2) of the corebook, these sheets seem like they’ll be really useful for all of you!

  • Personal Combat Reference – A really useful reference sheet for running combat, has all the basic information you’d need for running most combat encounters. [LINK]
  • Psychic Powers Additional Effects – This document just combines all the Additional Effects tables for the different psychic powers in one convenient document. Really useful reference for psyker players, the psychic power rules can be a little hard to wrangle sometimes, hopefully this helps! [LINK]

I’ll try to make a habit of spotlighting cool custom content like this in future, if you’re aware of anything worth highlighting please feel free to reach out!

More word about future expansions coming shortly!

Published by Ross

Designer of the Dark Heresy hack for Genesys. Pretty cool dude.

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