Release: Core Book 3.2

I’ve finished work on the latest update to the Dark Heresy for Genesys Core Rulebook, the 3.2 release. You can find it here; [LINK]

The changelog is located here, but here’s an overview of the big changes.

  • This update focused heavily on talents. The entire talents chapter has been reworked to be easier to read, with each tier starting on its own page. Many new talents have been added into the mix, too; 59 new talents total. Some of these are adapted from Keyforge, some from Wrath and Glory, and some were originally meant for Chambers Militant but I decided to move them to the Core Book and leave Chambers Militant for the Astartes/Sororitas exclusive talents.
  • A couple of the talents are taken (with permission) from Sunfall, a Genesys Foundry product that is very well put together and worth checking out. Thanks to Anastasia for letting me borrow some of her ideas!
  • I’ve added a range of Tier 1 talents which grant career skills. A lot of people have asked for these over the years. I have mixed feelings about them, but it’s easy to just houserule them out of your game if you prefer not to use these types of talents.
  • Several talents have been tweaked for balance purposes, or removed entirely.
  • Interludes received some balance tweaking.
  • The psychic attack houserules I posted earlier in a blog post are now integrated.

Let me know what you think! If anyone spots any typos or other oddities, please let me know via the comments section below, or you can just message me directly through the contact form on this blog, or by adding me on Discord.

Published by Ross

Designer of the Dark Heresy hack for Genesys. Pretty cool dude.

3 thoughts on “Release: Core Book 3.2

  1. Excellent work as always! I’m also unsure about the career skills being purchasable. I’ll give it a try before I decide to ban them or not. Also the buff to psykers is very welcome!

    Thank you for everything you do Ross. This project is truly a work of art. From layout to the use of art assets; if I didn’t know better I would have thought this was actually a Games Workshop/Fantasy Flight product.

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    1. Thanks for the kind words!

      I’m always a little on the fence about career skill talents, they seem like a pretty standard part of FFG’s own Genesys settings, but the idea of spending XP to get a discount on spending XP always feels so redundant and odd to me. Leans a bit more into character optimisation and math than I personally like. But there’s been demand for these for years so I figured I might as well include them, they’re pretty easy to houserule out if need be.


  2. Amazing work, as usual. Thank you for your continued work on this. Looking forward to the future! 🙂


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