Release: Core Book 3.3

I’ve finished work on the latest update to the Dark Heresy for Genesys Core Rulebook, the 3.3 release. You can find it here; [LINK]

The changelog is located here, but here’s an overview of the big changes.

  • The main focus of this update is to rebalance psychic powers. The goal was to make psychic attacks more satisfying, and make Perils of the Warp more common. This has involved a bunch of balance changes to psychic powers. In broad terms, the following changes have been made;
    • High Perils of the Warp results are significantly more likely to occur.
    • Pushing cannot add advantages to skill checks, and each time you push a power, +5 is added to the Perils of the Warp results.
    • Most Additional Effects for psychic attacks have been modified to not require advantages to trigger.
  • Outside of this it’s mostly correcting typos and other minor issues, not much to write about.

Some of these psychic power changes may seem drastic but I’ve been field testing them in my own campaign for a while and they’ve been working well. It’s still pretty hard to make your head explode unless you’re being very reckless with pushing.

Let me know what you think! If anyone spots any typos or other oddities, please let me know via the comments section below, or you can just message me directly through the contact form on this blog, or by adding me on Discord.

Published by Ross

Designer of the Dark Heresy hack for Genesys. Pretty cool dude.

5 thoughts on “Release: Core Book 3.3

  1. Battle Brother! I enjoy your content and find it hard to spot the heresy. Well Done! However, I must ask, when shall we see Dreadnoughts? Your fellow follower of
    the God-Emperor, Ty.

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    1. Honestly it’s not likely I’ll ever add rules for playable Dreadnoughts, Deathwatch stuff has never been hugely appealing to me anyway so I don’t see myself expanding it much beyond what rules are already in Chambers Militant.

      They’ll likely get NPC rules at some point, I am planning to do a “Monster Manual” type thing eventually.

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  2. Hey just as a heads up the Gland Warrior elite advance mentions Spur as a chem loaded into their implant but it isn’t actually stated anywhere in the book.

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