Emperor’s Sign Faith Powers

Hey all, not much to say here, just a quick preview of the Emperor’s Sign branch of Faith Powers, which are pretty much done.

These are ported over quite directly from Dark Heresy 1e’s Blood of Martyrs expansion as I thought they fit in as talents pretty well, no need to over-complicate things. They always have a Story Point cost attached, but Sororitas characters can reduce the cost for a Faith Power by 1 once per session, which means they can effectively manifest one of the less potent powers for free.

Emperor’s Mercy and Emperor’s Wrath are in the works.

Let me know what you think!

You may need to open these images in a new tab if the text is too little to read properly!

Published by Ross

Designer of the Dark Heresy hack for Genesys. Pretty cool dude.

4 thoughts on “Emperor’s Sign Faith Powers

  1. Looks great!

    For Holy Light and Soul Decay, you may want to specify whether that Wound suffered ignores soak. It seems like Holy Radiance is a much better talent on the surface to take compared to Blessed Ignorance for both being tier 3 (not to mention the improved version of Holy Radiance being tier 3 as well). Even though the effect of Blessed Ignorance is somewhat better, I think the penalty would scare a lot of players off when they can grab Holy Radiance instead for the same cost and do just fine, and get the improved version as a Tier 3 talent as well. What about adding an improved version of Blessed Ignorance that could provide a benefit similar to it’s DH1 counterpart’s Fate burning effect (with the cost being purchasing the improved talent instead). After an encounter (possibly with the cost of an additional story point, or not), the PC and his/her allies can forget recent events to negate some or all Corruption/Insanity or lasting Fear effects. I’m not sure how powerful that would be in the game, so maybe it could require rolling a Discipline check or something as well, or setting a limit on how much can be removed with the effect.

    Great work as always!

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    1. Generally the language of “suffering” a wound in Genesys is used to indicate it ignores soak, but I think it’d be well worth clarifying in the text anyway to clear up any confusion, so I’ll make sure to update that.

      I really like the idea of putting in an upgraded Blessed Ignorance. I think I actually meant to do that at some point, but evidently I never did. I’ll give it a look and see if I can come up with a balanced version, it’ll probably end up being Tier 5 unless I add a lot of drawbacks.

      Thanks for all the feedback, this is really useful stuff!


  2. Hey, this looks great. Just got the chance to read it.

    Tangentially-related, I’d love to read about Xenos powers and how those would work (e.g. Eldar).


    1. I think for the most part with Eldar you’d be able to handle them using the psyker rules, although you might need to create some new powers, disciplines or talents to represent their unique psychic abilities. I’m not super familiar with Eldar stuff so I’d have to do some research to know for sure.


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