Moving to WordPress

Thought it’d be worth writing up a quick little post about the move to a blog, and how I plan to handle things with this project ongoing.

So, for those of you who don’t know, previously I’d been using Fantasy Flight Games’ Genesys forums to post all my updates, including in-progress versions of unreleased titles. However this morning FFG announced that they’re closing their forums for good at the end of January.

I thought a bit about moving most of my posting over to Reddit, but honestly I hate Reddit’s format at the best of times and it’s kind of a poor stand-in for a blog anyway. I wanted a central place where all my content can “live”, where I can post updates regularly and be relatively confident my stuff won’t expire a few years down the track, even if I stop working on it for a decent chunk of time.

So I’ve decided a development blog was the best way to handle this. At some point I may transition to self-hosting WordPress, for now I’m using the free version to try it out and see how much I like it.

Here’s my basic plan going forward;

  • This is going to be the go-to destination for up-to-date links to all my stuff. I’ll make an effort to keep this blog up to date, I can’t say the same for content found elsewhere.
  • I’ll keep posting on Discord, Reddit, Facebook and wherever else I can get good feedback, but I’ll likely keep this to targeted stuff I want feeedback on, or big new releases.
  • I’ll keep comments turned on on all posts here, and try to keep an eye on what people have to say.
  • I’ll still be reachable directly via email ( and Discord (Hoob#3184) if you want to discuss stuff with me directly.

I’ve also toyed with the idea of making a Discord server for this hack – let me know if this is something you’d be keen on, not really something I plan to do without some buy-in.

Feel free to comment below (or just hit me up directly) if you have any thoughts or comments.

Published by Ross

Designer of the Dark Heresy hack for Genesys. Pretty cool dude.

One thought on “Moving to WordPress

  1. Great move, I feel your DH remake needed its own space since it is so damn well-made – kudos for that! I love the Genesys/Edge of the Empire dice system, and I’ve been semi-subconsciously converting all the RPGs I play into it. I’d been working into a DH remake myself, actually, before I found yours. I’ll be a willing playtester for all your stuff. In the meantime, in the words of Emperor Palpatine, we will watch your career with great interest.

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